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Claudia Neuman- Vocals, guitar
Anthony Piazza- Guitar
Jeffrey Wesolowski-Bass
Steve Snyder-Drums
“... an interesting blend of sound, nodding at older stuff from Echo and The Bunnymen, and with a bit of the Cure thrown in. The guitar and vocals are infectious, and the drummer is on point;...”
Andrew Swetz - Shockwave Magazine
"Taking cues from all things loud and snarling, the band ripped through their songs, anchored by the slightly metallic sneer of vocalist Claudia Neuman. If your ears are a fan of serious rock, well, you might be interested in this here band."
Megan Terrible - Les Enfants Terribles
"A steady four-piece ground out the punk rock tunes with the emphasis on rock. Quickly paced mostly, but some nice variety in tempo and sound at times. It's kind of the "aware" 1979-81 sound. I heard Vktms with Niagara (Destroy all Monsters) like sound on vocals."
David Hintz - DC Rock Live
"The fourth band of the night was the lovely Sister Ex who are a female-fronted quartet who have made a name for themselves lately with their gothic-tinged power-pop and they have come together as a band as they cohesively flowed through their set confidently and their sound was very reminiscent of the great Strange Boutique. The guitarist Anthony Piazza some great scary guitar riffs that were underscored by Jeffrey Wesolowski's punchy bass lines that rode Johnny Black's sturdy drumming as the vocalist Claudia Neuman prowled the edge of the stage and wailed, howled, and whispered her obtuse lyrics as she maniacally danced with the rhythm of her band. The guitarist Anthony was really awesome with his eighties goth-influenced guitar sound and his ice-cold riffs that just cut into you like a knife. Sister Ex played a lovely six-song set that had me grooving and I really liked their song called “Weapon” and if they keep it up I could see them becoming quite big."
James Riley- Mr. Jimijam's Concert Reviews